HAPPY FALL 2014!!!

Hello all and happy fall!  I know that it has been a long time since I have posted and I wanted everyone to know that New Life Cycling has continued to support bike donations, new rider group rides and team participation in the Prouty in Hanover NH and the Dempsey Challenge in Lewiston ME.  Although the riding season will be slowing down in a month or two, the planning season for 2015 is just getting started.  Once again I am putting out the call for bike enthusiast to join our team, attend our planning meetings and join us in fun events! We will begin our meetings again in November so check in for dates, times and locations.  We have much in store for the 2015 season and I hope that you will join us starting with our Blog.  I have included some pictures from the past year that I hope you enjoy and I will share more of the stories in the weeks to come.  Happy riding!

Rick, Jay and Dave Prouty 2014

Rick, Jay and Dave Prouty 2014

Positive Tracks 2013

Positive Tracks riding at the Dempsey Challenge October 2013

Cam and Dad at the start 14

Cam and Jay Dempsey Challenge 2014


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Come one Come All!

Well the weather is prime for getting an early start to the riding season! On April 5th at 5pm NLC volunteers will be getting together for a bike repair clinic and to prepare our fleet for another great year. We hope to see you there.

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Thankful to be Giving!

We all take it for granted that some days are better than others. Today was an outstanding day for one of our Mount Prospect Academy day students, Ben. Ben is a 17 year old student who lives in Concord. Nearly 3 years ago, Ben moved to Concord, and was forced to leave his bike behind as he had out grown it, and it needed costly repairs. As a young adult looking to join the weekend work force transportation is critical and Ben has to walk or ride the bus everywhere in his search.

New Life Cycling has expanded his horizons by providing him with this bike. Ben is pictured here with the vocational director Steve Meirs as he waits to try out his new wheels. (Story provided by Denise Castonguay who also supported Ben’s nomination)

An exciting day for NLC to be able to support another rider.  NLC members would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have donated bikes and time to make this possible.  Look for more info to come on NLC’s end of the season push to fix up donated bikes and find homes for them during the Christmas Season. 

Happy Riding!

Steve M with Ben receiving his new bike!


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Members of NLC and Positive Tracks participate in the 2011 Dempsey Challenge

Tristan, Jasper and Cam socializing and cutting deals.

With beautiful weather and all the colors of fall, members from NLC and Positive Tracks made the trip to Lewiston, Maine to participate in the Dempsey Challenge to raise money to support individuals fighting the battle of cancer.  The weekend was filled with inspirational survivors, passionate fund-raisers and cycle enthusiasts.  It was a great opportunity to participate in an event that brought so many organizations together in a format that welcomed and encouraged the philanthropy of our youth.  Kids of all sizes and abilities filled the event complex with smiles, laughter and HOPE!  Thank you Dempsey Challenge for a great time, supporting a great cause.  We will see you again next year!


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Happy Thanksgiving from New Life Cycling!

Wishing everyone a happy holiday!

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Hello to all!


Cam making some final adjustments!

Hi everyone.  In case you are wondering we are still here and working to get bikes out and riders, riding.  It has been a very busy summer and I apologize for the delay in posting all the terrific things that have happened since May.  Over the course of the summer we have continued to support new riders in the sport and getting bikes out to those in need.  Since June NLC has supported trips for teens, bike donations and supporting events like the Prouty Century Ride for the Noris Cotton Cancer Center.  Today was a special day for me in the shop working with my son Cam to prepare a bike that is going out on Monday to a student in southern NH who needs some wheels to get to work.  Although the riding season is winding down, New Life Cycling is winding up to begin the sit down planning to support another year and further develop our organization.  We invite new members to come on board and I will be posting the times and dates of up coming meetings.  I will also be posting photos from the summer and fall.  Have a great weekend and more news to come.


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Another Happy Rider!

I would like to say thank you to Julie a counselor for Project Connect in Manchester for contacting us with a request for a  bike donation for a student that she is working with.  Luckily one of the donations that we had recently received was the perfect bike in great condition for a high school student named Katie.  It was a great day to bring the bike to Manchester, meet with Katie and Julie and see the smile on Katie’s face when she received her bike.  Happy riding Katie, enjoy!

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